Go away, Brad Trost!

trost1Ok, so the first thing you’re probably thinking: who the hell is Brad Trost?!

And trust me, you’re not alone on that. Brad Trost is a Member of Parliament from Saskatchewan (and yes, I spelled that without Googling it). Trost is running to be the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. And he’s doing it by trying to promote his views, one of which is his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Here’s one of the ways he’s attempting to do that:


Le sigh. Like, really? Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada FOR OVER A FREAKING DECADE. Will we ever see a day when people don’t say “marriage is only between a man and a woman”? I sure hope so.

But for now, it’s people like Brad Trost who won’t let things be. He just needs to try to make people like me feel like we shouldn’t be allow the right to marry. Well, fuck you, Brad Trost. QUIT TRYING TO SAY I DON’T HAVE RIGHTS.

I honestly can’t freaking wait to have a big fabulous gay wedding. Maybe I’ll even invite you, Brad. Just so you can see how beautiful love is. IN ALL SHAPES AND ALL FORMS.

Anyway, the good news is he says, despite this horrendous campaign, that he has no plans to actually repeal same-sex marriage laws. Um, good. Because you know, it’s been legal nationwide for eleven years. Ain’t no one taking it back now!

Sadly, this kind of rhetoric is nothing new from Brad Trost. According to PressProgress, he has a history of anti-gay marriage views:

During debate on Canada’s Civil Marriages Act during the mid-2000s, Trost called the idea of same-sex marriage “a direct attack on the basic institution of marriage” that was intended to “malign the religious freedoms of millions of Canadians.”

Trost also argued “the uniquely heterosexual nature of marriage” is the only way to “build society in a responsible and organized fashion.”

In 2009, Trost described the Toronto Pride parade as “polarizing” and said funding should be cut off because it is “more political than touristic in nature.”

And this spring at the 2016 Conservative Convention, Trost drew links between same-sex marriage and socialism following a landmark vote that saw the party adopt a neutral position on same-sex marriage.

Oh, I should mention that he’s anti-abortion too. Wow, what a shocker!


Anyway, the good news is that he likely doesn’t stand a chance at becoming the new Conservative leader. According to CBC News:

A national poll of Conservative Party voters shows Trost’s campaign doesn’t seem to be registering on the federal stage.

A poll conducted last week showed less than one per cent of Conservative supporters supported Trost, the lowest results in the survey. 71 per cent said they didn’t know who he was.

So, let me reiterate what I asked at the beginning of this post:

Who the hell is Brad Trost?!

Answer: No one important. He’s just another politician trying to make a name for himself by saying people like me directly attack his views because I want to get married. Well, Brad Trost, you attack my views by trying to tell me I shouldn’t be allowed to marry because I want to marry another man.

Well guess what? Other men are fucking beautiful, and I’ll marry one if I damn well want to, and there’s nothing you can do about it, Braddy,-boy.

See you at my big fat gay wedding! Until then, just go away!


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