You had one job, America!

When I first started this blog, I wrote that my point in starting this blog was, “to give me a place to say all I feel like saying, to stand up and shout my gayness from proverbial internet rooftop, to be loud and proud and to keep shouting until the world gets better or until I can’t shout any longer”. I also said, “I long for a world when there is no more homophobia, transphobia, hatred, discrimination, etc. of the queer community. But I know that day is still way, way into the future and there is still a long way to go before it gets here”.

Well, thanks to America, we now have an even longer way to go!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty-four hours, by now you surely know that the United States of America have elected a lying, racist, bigoted, groping, prejudiced, sexual predator, Cheeto-dust-orange buffoon to be their president.

I honestly did not see this coming. I did not believe for one single second that America would be stupid enough to elect Donald Trump. No way, no how. But yet, it happened. It’s a thing. And now, America and the rest of the world has to live with the consequences. To make matters even more fucked up, according to Google, while Trump won more Electoral College votes, Hillary Clinton actually beat him in the popular vote by more than two hundred-thousand votes. That’s how fucked up this is: more people voted for her, but he’s the one who gets to be president?! HOW IS THIS A FUCKING THING, AMERICA?! 

Regardless, nearly half of the people who voted still voted for Donald Trump. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that most of them were white. That’s what systemic racism looks like.

And y’all, it’s bad. BuzzFeed has some very important articles I’m going to link to. Like:

Read them. Read them all now, I’ll wait.


How about a few more?

So yeah, it’s bad. People are panicking. People are scared. And you know what? They probably should be. That’s the most terrifying aspect of this. People should be scared because the idea of Donald Trump as President and Mike Pence as Vice-President is fucking scary. So much so that Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Website actually crashed when Trump started getting strong results.

I’m going to share a few key Tweets from last night/today:





These are just some of the reactions that really struck me. I’m so scared for the LGBT, female, Muslim, Latinx, black, and disability communities in America. And several times throughout the night, I felt so thankful that I live in Canada.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Canada is far from perfect, which I’ve acknowledged on this blog at least a few times before. Including the day before the election, when I wrote this post about how it seems like Donald Trump’s version of America is making its way into Canada. I talked about a few events that have happened recently that suggest a growing sentiment of anti-LGBT expression in Canada.

The last thing Canada needs is Trump’s values making their way north of the border, but now that he’s actually going to be president, it’s hard to ignore the possibility of this happening. I’d like to believe Canada is better than this, but recent events seem determined to prove me wrong. And you know what just had to be the icing on the fucking cake?

Kellie Leitch.

Leitch is a Member of Parliament who is running to be the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. And late last night she sent the following email to her followers, which one of her former staffers, Andrew McGrath, shared on his Twitter:


That’s right: Kellie Leitch wants to bring Donald Trump’s message to Canada. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this does not necessarily mean Leitch is anti-LGBT. After all, she marched in Toronto’s Pride Parade this year. But still, here we have a woman who used to be the Minister for the Status of Women saying that Donald Trump’s message is exciting. Let us not forget: Donald Trump is the one who was caught on video bragging about sexually assaulting women and has had numerous women come forward since to accuse him either assaulting, groping or kissing them without consent.

But no, let’s all just listen to Kellie Leitch and embrace Donald Trump here in Canada. From what I can tell, it’s mostly Donald’s anti-immigrant, anti-refugee message that Leitch is really embracing. In the email above, she says she’s “the only candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Part of Canada who is standing up for Canadian values”. During the fall election campaign last year, Leitch suggested setting up a snitch line for people to report “barbaric cultural practices”. And she wants to screen would-be immigrants and refugees for “anti-Canadian values”.

So yeah, if Leitch gets her way, Canada might as well just start consider itself part of the United States. And you know what, if that happens… if anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric starts to spread even more in Canada, who’s to say Trump’s other values won’t as well? If Leitch wants to open the door to Trump’s message, how do we know that anti-abortion, anti-LGBT and racist rhetoric won’t follow?

That’s the thing: we don’t. We don’t know what’s going to happen over the course of the next four years.

The U.S. had one fucking job this election: to not let hatred prevail. And that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Florida–a state where not even six months ago, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history happened (which was also an attack on the LGBT community)–elected Donald Trump. If even Florida couldn’t see Trump for who he is, it’s no wonder he got elected.

America has now pretty much erased years of progress made under the Obama administration. Some have suggested the country has been set back fifty years. I’ve seen Tweets from people who (jokingly or not) have suggested that America could soon turn into the Hunger Games, that LGBT conversion camps could be coming.

My one hope is that America wakes the fuck up in the next four years and makes Trump a one-term president. But honestly, now that Trump has won, nothing will surprise me anymore. Who knows if there will even still be democracy in the U.S. in four years?

Anyway, I need to try to end this post on a good note, even though I haven’t felt very positive much of today. First, here’s a bunch of inspiring Canadians who are ready to welcome terrified Americans. And finally, here are people using Harry Potter for comfort after the election.

Like I said at the start of this post, the point of this blog is, “to stand up and shout my gayness from proverbial internet rooftop, to be loud and proud and to keep shouting until the world gets better or until I can’t shout any longer”.

Well, if there’s one thing I can promise you now, after this election went the way it did, you can bet your ass that I am never going to stop shouting.


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